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Briney Brothers can help you find the products you need for your Grain Handling System – Grain Bins, Hopper Bins, Grain Dryers, Bucket Elevators (Legs), and Support Structures, Dump Pits, Conveyors, Catwalks, Motors and more. Give us a call at 309-329-2629 or email us.

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  • Grain Bins for Farm and Commercial Applications

    Photo of farm and commercial grain bin storage system Photo of farm grain storage bin

    The bottom line – time matters when the crops are ready. On-farm and commercial storage allows you to:

    • Do your job more efficiently
    • Control the quality of your commodity
    • Market at your discretion

    Bring Briney Brothers your requirements for your onsite storage to help you evaluate your current setup. We will listen to how you want your grain system to operate, discuss the options available, and then bring your vision to fruition by implementing your ideas and building your project.

    Sukup Non-Stiffened bins were designed with the operator in mind and it shows in the many features standard on every Sukup Bin. From the patented anchor brackets to the extra-strong roofs; quality, strength and innovation have made Sukup Bins a top choice across the countryside and Sukup the world’s fastest growing bin company.

  • Sukup Dryers

    Photo of a Sukup grain dryer

    Whether you are looking for an 8 foot single plenum grain dryer capable of drying 340 bu/hr, or a 24 foot diameter Tower Dryer capable of drying 7000 bu/hr, Briney Brothers has what you need. Every Sukup Grain Dryer is packed with exclusive features that help them outperform the competition. Every Sukup Grain Dryer is backed by our years of grain drying experience and dedication to outstanding customer service.

  • Grain Handler Dryers

    Photo of a Grain Handler dryer.

    Grain Handler has been a leading manufacturer of grain handling equipment for over 25 years, the primary product being the “Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers”. The Grain Handler and its energy maximizing dryers are capable of drying virtually any type of grain that needs to be dried. Grain Handler owners consistently see higher quality grain, an increased test weight grain, and a lower energy cost per bushel.

  • Bucket Elevators

    Photo of a bucket elevator head. Photo of a bucket elevator system.

    Bucket elevators are available to vertically move bulk grain material.

    Part of your project might include bucket elevators or legs. These structures convey the corn to a desired location. To the dryer and back to be taken to storage or perhaps to a wet holding bin until the crop can be moved to the dryer. Perhaps straight into your storage bin to await unloading later in the year. Bucket elevators can move your crop quickly and efficiently. Briney Brothers can supply you with a number of vendors to meet your demands. Sukup, Riley Equipment, MFS/York, GSI - and do not forget the support structure. Union Iron and Brownie Systems support towers eliminate the need for guy cables and allow you to have service deck areas with plenty of room for maintenance.

    Rapat, Schlagel, and GSI distributors direct your crop to the proper site from the legs.

  • Batco Conveyor

    BELT CONVEYORS: Models 1300 1500 2000 2400

    • Weather guards are standard on all conveyors
    • Maximum service height at 30-degrees
    • All belts are made of 2-ply Chevron, with nylon slider back
    • Plastic hood and collapsible canvas hoppers provides excellent cushioning for fragile materials
  • Catwalks and Conveyors

    Photo of catwalk and belt conveyor for a ring storage bin Photo of catwalk and drag conveyor for flat a storage facility Photo of HI-Flight Conveyor

    Union Iron supplied these catwalks, one is for the Hi-Roller belt conveyor for a 90″ x 24″ Ring Storage bin, and the other is for a GSI Drag Conveyor used in a flat storage facility.

    Conveyors have many applications on the farm or in an elevator.

  • Super Structure, Legs and Towers

    Legs and Towers photo

    As production increases and your system grows you need the right equipment to move your grain.

    Ask Briney Brothers to help design and build your system from below ground and up. We use towers from Brownie Systems, a division of Global Industries and Union Iron. We also use elevators from Sukup, MFS York, Riley Equipment, and GSI. All equipment that will meet your operational goals.

  • Grain Pumps and Double Run Conveyors

    Photo of double-run conveyor system. Photo of double-run conveyor system.

    The compact design enables smooth, quiet operation and requires minimum maintenance. Double Run Conveyors or “grain pumps” cause less grain damage than a portable auger. They will move material into and out of grain storage structures, vehicles, and dryers. Double Run conveyors can replace a roof auger, transfer auger, dryer take-away auger, and even a permanently installed transport auger. Double Run conveyors come in 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ - with capacities of 2000 bushell per hour to 10,000 bushell per hour of dry corn.

  • Dump Pits

    Photo of a Lowry Dump Pit Photo of Conveyor System Photo of Sukup Movable Model S7000

    Drive Over Dump Pits are the way to get you back to the field – save time, labor and equipment costs. The conveyor system and/or dump hopper you choose will be a major asset in handling future production possibilities. Briney Brothers can design and build the dump pit that suits your operation.

    The DumPits system by Lowry Manufacturing is an efficient way to get your crops into storage – One of Lowry's systems is able to receive 1000 bushel of corn from a hopper bottom semi in about 2 minutes. You choose the capacity that is right for your operation now and for your future production growth. Call or email Briney Brothers if you have question about how a dump pit could make your job more efficient.

    Other options to efficient unloading is the Sukup Drive-Over Hopper for permanent installation, or the Sukup Moveable Model S7000.

    There are multiple options for your operation and Briney Brothers will be happy to help you find the right solution.

  • Unloading Equipment

    Sukup Sweepway diagram Sukup Sweepway photo

    Sukup Sweepway™

    Sukup Sweepway™ is the ultimate unloading system.

    • The unloading sweep is permanently installed in the bin for easy operation. No heavy sweep and motor to carry in and out.
    • The Sweepway™ saves time and labor. There is no need to enter the bin; the Sweepway™ advances into the grain, removing it without back-breaking scooping.
    • Special design prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump to protect the sidewalls from uneven unloading.
    • Split backboard on units larger than 60′ reduces sidewall stress during unloading.
    • Intermediate sumps are welded to the unload tube at the factory, so there is no assembly necessary.
    • Number of intermediate sumps is predetermined based upon bin diameter, up to six sumps are used.

    Tube & Well and Carry-In Sweeps

    Carry-In Sweeps - Low Cost - Easy to Service - Move from One Bin to Another

    And don’t forget your power heads – horizontal, vertical and incline powerheads from Sukup, GSI, Hutchinson, and NECO.

  • Maintenance Parts

    Briney Brothers have on hand the parts and equipment you need to keep you going. Check with us for the parts you need for your Sukup Dryer, Sukup Fans, Sukup Heaters or any of your Sukup equipment.

    Grain Handler, GSI, Riley and Hutchinson parts are just a phone call away when you are in a bind.

    Do you need buckets for your Legs or chain let us know we can help you with your equipment part needs.

    We also have Leeson and Toshiba farm-duty motors in stock. We have a selection of LEESON Single Phase and Toshiba Three Phase motors on hand at all times. Bushings and Sheaves are also available.

    Schedule our experienced crew to come out to aid in your equipment maintenance.

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